Open source development

iDelft is keen on using Open Source-software and code while creating websites. Examples are the Drupal Content Management Framework, PHP Frameworks (CodeIgniter) and Javascript libraries (e.g. jQuery and OpenLayers).

The advantages of using Open Source-software: the software use is for free and everyone can modify, expand and improve the software. There are big communities for the major Open Source-software projects. These communities maintain the software which means that the software continously improves. Also security aspects are taken seriously.

An extra advantage is that tailor-made solutions are available to solve known problems. The software does not need to be researched in-depth because other developers already solved particular problems. The results can easily be re-used. This minimised the software development time.


Some projects in which the CMS System Drupal has been used:
The PDOK Loket is a portal with information on Publieke Dienstverlening Op de Kaart: The program is offering a wide variety of official digital geo-information. This website is also a nice example showing the use of web guidelines. More information about webaccessibility.
The portal offers users the possibility to send reactions to a goverment body with the help of a map. This website is also a good example of a system following the official web guidelines. More information about webaccessibility.
Company website IT4Hire
Company website iDelft (this website)
Website with medical course

Example projects with OpenLayers:
Ordering Portal for 3D Height data.
Ordering Portal for Aerial imagery.

The Javascript library jQuery is also used in all examples.