Drupal 8 implementations

Drupal is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS), developed in the programming language PHP and released under a public license. The system has initially been created by Dries Buytaert (Belgium native). The system has a long and successful history.

Drupal is being used to implement websites and webportals.The most recent version is Drupal 8. iDelft is frequently applying Drupal for customer's projects. The system is running both in a Linux and in a Windows environment with webservers like Apache or IIS. Drupal requires a database to store the contents and the settings. The database is often a MySQL or a PostgreSQL database. iDelft has experience with all these platforms as can be seen from our sample projects overview.

If you want a website with a few web pages then it is not necessary to apply a Content Management System. Drupal is our favorite option when:

  • the website is growing in size
  • multiple similar websites are required
  • content must be adapted (on-line)
  • security plays an important role
  • various users and various roles exist
  • various types of information exist
  • agenda-, news-, twitter and RSS messages need to be published
  • single sign-on is required

There are hundreds of free Drupal modules available ready to use. There are no paid licenses involved while using Drupal. This means that a Drupal project is relatively inexpensive. If necessary we can deliver the website turn-key including hosting and support activities. It is also possible to create a series of Drupal websites with our Standard Drupal Configuration (SDC) concept.

Contact the iDelft office for further information about Drupal.